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Marriage Counseling

Grace Point Counseling Center offers Christ-centered marriage counseling by our well-trained, Christian counseling staff. In order to help restore unity in the relationship, we use a variety of techniques designed to heal the brokenness from an affair, addictions, family of origin issues, difficulties parenting, lack of intimacy or simple neglect of the relationship. We assess physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual concerns that affect the relationship and help the couple identify the areas of concern in order to find healing. Using conflict resolution skills and communication skills, we teach couples how to resolve concerns that have plagued their marriages for years.

Our staff accomplishes this marriage restoration in many formats including one-hour counseling sessions, half-day intensives and all-day intensives. We recommend the intensives for couples in crisis to get them started on a road to healing.

Your marriage does not have to be in crisis for marriage counseling. All marriages can benefit from help understanding how to resolve conflict and communicate in an effective and healthy way, or to assess your gifts and talents in order to best serve God.

Premarital counseling is also available and recommended for any couple who is planning on beginning a marriage journey together or wants to assess their compatibility. Many couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding and nothing on preparation for their marital relationship. Today half of marriages end in divorces that could have been avoided by making a small investment of time and money in preparation.

If we can be of service to you or your loved ones, please do not hesitate to call us. We believe God has a plan for your marriage to fulfill you and your spouse.

One-Day Marriage Intensive Counseling Program

The One-Day Marriage Intensive is a popular marriage counseling session. It is designed and staffed to help couples who are in marriage crisis. Intensives help couples who feel stuck, hopeless and disconnected to transition to connection and healing. The marriage intensive serves as the catalyst for change. It should not be considered a cure, but will help a couple develop the hope for true growth. Pre-work is conducted for each couple prior to the meeting.

  • One couple with a Grace Point counselor for approximately six-hour intensive
  • A initial scheduled meeting for the couple prior to intensive on a separate day
  • A participant manual and one follow-up session

One-Day Pre-Marital Intensive Counseling Program

The One-Day Pre-Marital Intensive is designed for engaged couples seeking preparation for marriage. It will satisfy most requirements of churches and pastors. In addition, Marriage license fees in the state of Texas will be waived with proper premarital training. Grace Point Counseling Center is making every effort to satisfy state requirements for our couples. Our program satisfies the requirements for all couples who are scheduled to be wed at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.

Why is intensive marriage counseling so effective?

  • Intensives are not rushed
  • Couples are focused
  • Couples work with a trained marriage counselor
  • Counselors are passionate about helping couples identify core issues, address avoidances, deal with resentment, manage conflict and much more
  • Couples acquire new understanding of the purpose of marriage and are exposed to skills to help make their marriage successful
  • The intensive program was developed by Grace Point therapists utilizing the best of all therapies and skills available with biblical discernment

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